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User Manager Reporting Issue?

Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:21 am


I have an RB450G running OS V5.12 as a PPPoE server for a small WISP. Newest version of User Manager is installed, and is handling the PPPoE users/attributes. Session time is set to 24 hours and Idle timeout is set to 30 min. Interim update is 10 minutes. Max. users is about 5.

The unit was unplugged around the 5th and the clock reset itself back to default 2001. I have NTP Client enabled with correct timezone seleted anyway. The log indicates that all but one PPPoE client logged back in after the clock corrected itself.

Under sessions, it is recording correctly with the right start-stop timestamps and traffic. However, when I initiate any sort of traffic report to see totals for everybody, it is only showing session entries up to the 5th no matter if owner set blank or admin. All users are under admin. Unit has been rebooted several times and PPPoE sessions admin terminated to try to force newly created sessions to account.

I've used this setup for a WISP before with hundreds of clients with an external radius server. However, I'm stumped. Could this be a random bug and I have to nuke the Userman DB and try again or am I missing something. If you need more details let me know.


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