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Bandwidth test - router stops responding..

Tue Aug 24, 2010 4:49 pm


Just carrying out very preliminary WiFi site survey and thought I'd use the super Bandwidth test tool in RouterOS, but even with a copper connection, during testing, WinBox becomes disconnected from the router. Is this normal? Maybe due to huge load on the router - I note that the CPU load is 100%!

Perhaps it's the WinXP laptop I'm using to run WinBox?

Any thoughts much appreciated.

One last point, (using inSSIDer) and general testing I seem to have come to the conclusion that 70dBm appears to be the 'working' limit, albeit I understated that it’s rather a question of SNR (but my chipset wont report the noise floor)...

Would appreciate what others use for rule of thumb when carrying out a very quick site survey.


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