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MT Setup Outsource, Anyone like to help/recommend

Fri Feb 24, 2012 1:31 pm

Afternoon Gents & Ladies

Is there someone that can be recommended to setup MT on a localized installation?

Objective: Small Automated Localized WISP ( < 20 Users )

Core2Duo PC with MT 5.8 Server
3x MT333 with R52H (Or the like) cards on 2.4 Hotspots, Cat 5e Hardwired to Server, MT Ver 4 License

Setup MT in such a way that clients can signup and pay via Netcash(Or the like), with clients able to see usage.
Not rocket science, but not my field of expertise.

If there is a person with a template, contact or suggestion, please let me know.

Appreciate your help in advance!


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