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Setting up RB2011 with My Telefonica Router as a Gateway

Wed Sep 11, 2013 10:50 am

Hi All,

hoping someone can help. i managed to somehow get this setup on one site on an rb2011 and a BT Broadband Router.

Bridged the ports, to use as a switch.

set as the 2011 IP Address.

gave it another address of so it could communicate with the BT Broadband router on

set the route, and something in NAT

set up masquerading and by fluke got it working.

I now need to set it up on another site.

i have used a config compare utility to put the working one and this one side by side to work out what im doing wrong and i cant work it out.

can somebody give me a step by step beginners guide to set this up as ive spend 7 hours playing with it and im only at this site in Tenerife until friday :(



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