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Internet Access via PPTP , default route problem

Sun Jan 29, 2012 12:36 am

My internet provider (Carnet) requires pptp for accessing Internet. They use infrastructure of other provider (Metronet). I have RouterBoard RB435G with RouterOS v5.12.
When i create PPTP in XP, internet works fine. Now i wanted to use Mikrotik so i can share same PPTP channel with multiple computers on network. Also i will need other VPN (vpn via vpn) on same RB to connect to Work Network, but this is next step.
Now my setup looks like this
Vpn Server( ---- ADSL Router ( ---- ( ---- switch --- computers
as in:

Im able to connect to VPN Server, but after 60seconds the line is dropped. (I guess it timeouts)
After i receive IP address from PPTP DHCP server (ex., In ROUTE LIST its is inserted that
Route to is via with distance 0
and im no longer able to ping VPN server ( Also If i check Add Default Route then is via and it should be via
WinBox Screenshot Log Before PPTP
During PPTP

Attached is PPTP Debug Log
What am i doing wrong?
Thank you for Help.
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