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SwOS 1.1 Vlans and too long packets problem

Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:38 am


first of all, hello community. now to the point...

i've setup a vlan trunk on port 5 of RB 250gs - added all the vlans i need, set port 5 to:

vlan mode - strict (also tried optional/enable, does not change anything)
default vlan id - 1 (does not matter in my setup)
force vlan id - disabled
vlan header - add if missing (anyway, same problems with "leave as is")

now... all the RX packets with size in between 1024-1518 are marked as "too long" on port 5. i supose this port does not expect vlan header.

(how do i know? exactly the same number of packets in that size rage and in both total errors and too long ;)

of course i get all kind of connection problems, etc.

how do i fix it?
what's the proper way of setting up vlan trunk on rb 250gs / swos?

i have this box for test for two days, starting now - if won't get it working, i'll have to buy something else :(

oh, btw - the software version is SwOS 1.1.
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Re: SwOS 1.1 Vlans and too long packets problem

Tue Aug 10, 2010 1:49 pm

Please upgrade to SwOS v1.2.

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