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QoS Best Practice + Proxy Cache

Thu May 19, 2011 1:59 pm

Hello Guys, I have confiured the next link. ... is_qos.pdf

all works great. each user uses the rate established in pcq queue .

I want to use web cahe
But If I enable web-proxy and send the traffic of port 80 redirect to 3128(proxy) all above doest work.

I saw in firewall/connections when the dst-nat rule (redirect) is disable, each connection has a connection-mark and works excellent, but if i enable the rule the next connections appears without the mark, and each user "jumps" the rate established in the parameter rate in the pcq queue.

How can i use the configuration of the link with proxy-cache.

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Re: QoS Best Practice + Proxy Cache

Thu May 19, 2011 7:09 pm

That's because when you use the built in proxy, the client is now talking to the router and the router is services and getting the web requests. That means HTTP ect. have moved from the forward chain to the input/output chain.

You'll need to adjust your rules accordingly to get the two services to play together. I've never done a setup like that, so can't tell you what would be involved with it.

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