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Auto Restart pc after extensive power failure

Wed Jul 20, 2011 6:58 pm


I would like to find a way to restart my Mikrotik servers after extensive power failures, I know that there is a relevant setting in the bios that you tell the computer to turn on when the power is back up ( and i currently use it ) BUT when the servers are on UPS and the power failure lasts longer than the batteries of the UPS and the batteries are drained that setting wont turn back on the PC and i have to manually go and push the switch and that not an easy thing on remote setups,

When the power failure is shorter than the time the UPS takes to shuts down and drain the batteries the bios setting works and the servers go back online. I have also tried to modify the ATX psu's of my servers by crossing the green and ground/black wire on the ATX plug that goes on the motherboard, this had partial success old P3 servers would turn on but P4 ones would such start the fans of the pc without powering up the motherboard ( i guess this is a motherboard issue ).

Is there any other RELIABLE option to make my servers turn on automatically? maybe some sort of relay on the power switch that would turn on when power is back.

i already know solutions like :

or ... board.html

But i prefer to make my servers turn on on their own, if that is impossible i will end up buying one or the other solution

In my setup a Nilox 1100VA ups is powering a P4 2ghz and a small Access Point. It can last about 30 min and it doesnt have any com or usb connection. ... b17&type=1


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