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multiple providers without NAT

Tue Jan 31, 2012 5:55 pm

I need a little help!
Right now I have an internet provider for 200 users on a cablemodem network with 20Mb BW and a /24 net.
I have a Debian server that makes QoS, modems provisioning and DHCP for the users. All users have public dynamic IP address (I don´t make NAT).


Now I have to add another internet provider that is going to give me 20Mb BW and 254 IPs more, so I need to add it to the network.
To do this I was thinking in using an RB1200 and let the Debian just for cablemodems provisioning and DHCP.
I could split my network in two in order to use Provider1´s BW and IPs for one half and Provider2´s BW and IP for the other.


I don´t know well how to start, I have been reading about ECMP and PCC, but I can´t figure it out which one is better for me, or if there´s something else. I can´t find any examples of networks with multiple providers without NAT.
Maybe it can be made by using only routing rules or marking packages with mangle by src address, but I'm not sure.

Does anybody has an idea or an example in order to start making tests?

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