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Simple Queue before dinamic simple queue

Tue Feb 07, 2012 4:52 pm

Hello, we're dealing with a simple queue issue.
We have implemented a PPPoE server, via radius I send some rate limits, when the PPP session is established I get a simple queue associated to this PPP session to limit it, at this point all work fine.

Now I'm trying to avoid this rate limit for some protocols, for example, I've done a mangle rule to mark ICMP packets, then I defined a simple queue that match those ICMP packets (previously mangled) and apply no rate limits.

The mangle rule works fine, I seed how the ICMP packets are marked, but this traffic don't go trough the simple queue I defined for.

Here are some config lines from my mikrotik router:

The mangle rule:

/ip firewall mangle
add action=mark-packet chain=forward disabled=no new-packet-mark="ICMP Packet" passthrough=no protocol=icmp

The simple queue rule:

/queue simple
add burst-limit=0/0 burst-threshold=0/0 burst-time=0s/0s direction=both disabled=no interface=all limit-at=0/0 max-limit=0/0 name="No limit for ICMP" packet-marks=\
    "ICMP Packet" parent=none priority=8 queue=default-small/default-small total-queue=default-small

The "No limit for ICMP" queue is in position #0, all other dinamic simple queues are down this one.

Any idea?, I think I'm missing some stupid think, but I can't deal with it.

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Re: Simple Queue before dinamic simple queue

Wed Feb 08, 2012 10:54 pm


Try to change the chain from forward to prerouting. I have an SMTP queue with a mangle rule and it works.

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