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Newb config question on RB450. DSL and 3 cisco APs

Thu Oct 30, 2008 7:00 pm


This is my first time using the microtik router OS. I have a RB450 from wisp-router, and 3 cisco access points. In this instance, I want to run a DSL line into ethernet1, and then my 3 APs on ethernet2, 3, and 4. I want to disable ethernet5. Here is what I have done so far.

DHCP-Client setup on ethernet1 via setup command.
Disabled ethernet5 interface> set 4 disable=yes

Now it looks like this router came preconfigured with some 10.x.x.x ip stuff in it. I am thinking I want to blast that out, but not sure how. So here is what i still need to do.

-get rid of any default stuff from wisp-router
-assign IP addresses to my 3 cisco APs
-setup ethernet2,3,4 to hand out IP address via the APs
-setup the router in hotspot mode and redirect http traffic to a "splash page" by default

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am looking at the wiki now, and making progress, but would like a little more "scenario" help. Thanks!


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