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I have a GSM modem device which has 4 channels on it. I can setup a connection to the device on say channel 2. On this channel I will receive feedback from the unit. I wrote a telnet program which will telnet into the mikrotik and connect to the device on cannel 2 to listen for feedback.

In some instances I have been able to break my telnet session while the Serial-Terminal is active on the unit. When this happens I am unable to re-connect to the device on channel 2 as the mikrotik says this port is already in use. No doubt this is by my older telnet session which died. When it is in this state you can log onto the PORT section and print the listing. You can see that the USB device is being used by the serial terminal but - of course - you cannot log back into this serial-terminal to end its conection.

Is there a way to either reset the device or close the terminal without rebooting the unit?

To reproduce, you can start a serial-terminal in winbox to a device on a channel. Then open a new terminal window and try to connect to the device on the same channel. It will give you the response, port is in use. So once it says that, how can I close the other serial terminal which is active?


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