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disconnected, not responding

Sun Mar 11, 2012 1:17 pm

Dear Friends
We confront this log issue again and again for one of our links most recently:
in the AP (bridge mode)
06:10:38 wireless,info 00:0C:42:*:*:*@wlan1: disconnected, not responding
06:10:40 wireless,info 00:0C:42:*:*:*@wlan1: connected

and in the client (station bridge)
23:01:26 wireless,info 00:0C:42:*:*:*@wlan1: lost connection, not responding
23:01:27 wireless,info 00:0C:42:*:*:*@wlan1 established connection on 4900, SSID Yazdan

I have done all I know about their configurations. All things seem OK and the bandwidth is about 100mb but the link up-time is about 2 hours.
I have read some other topics which seems related to mine, but could not find any useful comments.
Could anyone help me how to solve the issue. Is there any suggestion? This link is very important for me.

I have also attached the support.rif file to this topic.
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