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Dude 4.0beta3 Backup Crash

Fri Mar 02, 2012 1:30 am

Running Dude 4.0Beta3 on Mikrotik v5.13 on x86 system.

Very large database - had made a lot of changes - went to backup CRASH!!!!!
All I could do was load an old back up from last November.
But now I have no fonts no sounds - all I have speech.

So how do I at least get fonts back?
OK copied a font from windows.

Worked 2 hrs to get everything backup and went to backup - damn crashed again.

This time I am going back to 3.6 - there were some nice features in the beta but I need to be able to back up our stuff.
Guess we will have to wait for the final release of version 4 :(

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