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by nicob
Sat May 23, 2020 4:23 pm
Forum: Announcements
Topic: v6.47beta [testing] is released!
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Re: v6.47beta [testing] is released!

Is it expected that DoH connects to DoH servers exclusively using IPv4? I tried giving the fqdn configured only IPv6 static addresses and it seems to fail? (using beta53 because of the ipsec bug in 60) [edit] Nevermind it was already asked here also:
by nicob
Mon Apr 27, 2020 2:44 pm
Forum: RouterOS v7 BETA
Topic: SDWAN using Zerotier
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Re: SDWAN using Zerotier

I would prefer Tailscale (wireguard SDWAN) over ZeroTier
by nicob
Sun Aug 26, 2018 2:06 pm
Forum: Announcements
Topic: v6.43rc [release candidate] is released!
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Re: v6.43rc [release candidate] is released!

I updated to rc64, but it seems I can not communicate with ipv6. There was no problem with at least rc56.
Same problem here, I updated from rc51 to rc64 and now the mikrotik does not seems to forward ipv6 packets anymore.
by nicob
Wed Aug 01, 2018 11:22 am
Forum: General
Topic: Hex S SFP no link
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Re: Hex S SFP no link

@madox: Great to find a companion in this problem. I've seen the same symptoms on the Hex S I tried to install. On the very first insert of the gbic it all worked fine, got a link, got connection, updated to 6.43rc45 and never got it working again. After inserting the gbic, I will lose connectivity ...
by nicob
Tue Apr 11, 2017 5:15 pm
Forum: Announcements
Topic: v6.39rc [release candidate] is released
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Re: v6.39rc [release candidate] is released

I want to report an bootloop using rc68 on my tile. (CCR1009-8G-1S-1S+PC).
All interfaces shutdown after 10 seconds of starting services.

Currently I don't have a serial port on my laptop, so no console output for now :(