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by fossy55
Sat Jul 27, 2019 4:33 pm
Forum: RouterBOARD hardware
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I have the same problem. I use antenna Mikrotik ACGPSA. Works perfect on LtAP mini..doesn´t work on LtAP LTE at all.
Please help
by fossy55
Fri Mar 01, 2019 12:35 pm
Forum: Announcements
Topic: v6.44 [stable] is released!
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Re: v6.44 [stable] is released!

*) gps - increase precision for dd format; Hi, could it be that the calculation from dms-format to dd-format is incorrect ? For example: in winbox/system/GPS-GUI I switch between dms and dd format. In dms I get 49 29' 6.954' when I switch to dd I get 49.004852 in my calculation it should be 49.48526...