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by troybowman
Wed Jul 03, 2019 4:00 am
Forum: Forwarding Protocols
Topic: BGP ECMP (multipathing)
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Re: BGP ECMP (multipathing)

Please add my +1 vote for ECMP, too.
by troybowman
Sat Jun 29, 2019 7:31 pm
Forum: General
Topic: RouterOS v7.0 beta1 - when?
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Re: RouterOS v7.0 beta1 - when?

I do require more IPv6 functionality (like policy routing, hopefully also NAT66) somewhat urgently for a production environment, not really the place to run early beta versions. Best would be when that appeared in v6 but as I understood, no more work is being done on IPv6 in RouterOS v6. That is no...
by troybowman
Sat Jun 22, 2019 8:37 pm
Forum: General
Topic: Feature Request: IPv6 NAT66 Support
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Re: Feature Request: IPv6 NAT66 Support

There is a real need for RFC6296 IPv6-to-IPv6 Network Prefix Translation. No, this is not Port Address Translation or Masquerading. It is straight, simple, 1:1 prefix swapping. It takes simple bitwise operations to swap prefixes. No connection tracking is required. No state is required. No, this isn...