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by mlcuch
Sat Sep 21, 2019 9:02 pm
Forum: Wireless Networking
Topic: RB4011iGS+5HacQ2HnD-IN 5Ghz disappearing
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Re: RB4011iGS+5HacQ2HnD-IN 5Ghz disappearing

I started to have this issue: I have RB4011iGS+5HacQ2HnD and cAP ac connected to it. Each on one floor. Both serving 2 and 5 GHz WiFi. On my RB4011iGS+5HacQ2HnD the 5GHz got stuck in "initializing" state with, I believe 6.44.2 version. I upgraded to 6.45.6. 5GHz started cycling in "detecting radio",...