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by timua
Wed Aug 17, 2011 4:55 pm
Forum: SwOS
Topic: SwOS version 1.6 released!
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Re: SwOS version 1.6 released!

by timua
Fri May 20, 2011 1:54 pm
Forum: SwOS
Topic: feature requests / bugs summary (RB250GS/ RB260GS)
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Re: feature requests / bugs summary

+1 to bugfixes pls:
SwOS 'Hosts' tab Web interface error (
by timua
Wed Apr 27, 2011 4:44 pm
Forum: SwOS
Topic: SwOS version 1.5 released!
Replies: 7
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Re: SwOS version 1.5 released! (Topic locked) Post subject: Re: SwOS Web interface error Posted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 3:02 pm MikroTik Support Thank you very much for your reports and feedbacks! We have fixed the problem, the fix will be available in the next SwOS version. but 'hos...