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by metlinux
Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:16 am
Forum: The Dude
Topic: Ping Timeout (Database related)
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Re: Ping Timeout (Database related)

We have the same problem.
Running The Dude with ~3500 devices.
At some moment, a ping probe fails, and most of devices appears as down.
Looks like some bug in ping probe..
by metlinux
Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:08 pm
Forum: General
Topic: v5rc7 released
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Re: v5rc7 released

looks like arp-ping doesn't works, both in winbox and terminal.
by metlinux
Tue Jul 08, 2008 6:05 pm
Forum: General
Topic: v3.10 Syslog Not Working
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Re: v3.10 Syslog Not Working

hmm. same problem here.
no attepts to send anything at all.