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by Steffen9000
Sun Sep 18, 2016 1:48 am
Forum: General
Topic: PPTP iOS10
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Re: PPTP iOS10

On MACOS I configure L2TPoverIPSec. 1) user authentication password is from /ppp secret 2) machine authentication shared secret is from /ip ipsec peer. P.S. The particular configuration works for MAC OS Sierra/Captain, IOS 10, Windows 8 and 10. I followed the tutorial closely, yet I still get this ...
by Steffen9000
Wed Sep 07, 2016 12:45 am
Forum: General
Topic: Locked out of hAP AC, dump conf with netinstall?
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Locked out of hAP AC, dump conf with netinstall?

Hi, I'm having trouble connecting to my hAP AC. I accidentally blocked all IP connections via a firewall rule (I think by blocking all outbound connections). MAC connection with Winbox also doesn't work - just gives me a generic "Connection failed" error. I tried it with a fresh Win10 installation. ...