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BFD on static routes and interfaces

Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:56 am

I would really like to see BFD enabled on static routes as well as on interfaces.

Here's the scenario:
dual L2TP tunnels on different WAN links.
tunnel1 loses connectivity, it takes as much as 60 seconds (default keepalive) to discover that it's down. tunnel2 is up but nothing is routed there until tunnel1 is deemed down.

solution, add OSPF and BFD on tunnel1. That's a lot of extra overhead and complication for this. Checking 'use BFD' on the L2TP tunnel would be the quick and easy solution. If that passed from client to server side even better, saves the config on the server side.

Alternatively, simply add this to static routes. I can bring both tunnels up with static addresses and add static routes at distance 1 and 2 to chose priority. Add BFD to tunnel 1 and it will detect the outage rapidly and switch routes to tunnel2.

This is a *BIG* deal for me and at least a few other people. It's made me move to a different platform to get access to BFD on static routes.

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