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Feature requestS: MACs on VLANs and multiple untagged VLANs

Fri Feb 15, 2019 10:50 am

Hello dear MikroTik developers,

Please consider adding and taking future care of the following features:

- multiple vitual interfaces attached under a physical interface
- each with own MAC address, similar to how VRRP can be used
- and/or the ability to add multiple VLANs, including untagged, that can have independent MACs each - this makes more sense than adding new class of virtual interfaces
- hardware offloading for the new interfaces
- next step - routing improvements - less steps to VRF-like functionality to cover all cases including the new intrafeces having IPs from the same subnet and being used for multi-wan with the same gateways
- hardware offloading for the above scenario
- new configuration abstraction - make it easier to create mutliple wan configs with few mouse clicks and drags. We are interested in connecting a few data flows, no need to know packet flow diagram etc to use the router that you make, surely such ease of use will attract you much more customers.
- SmartQoS ease of use with dynamic check of current state to auto reduce max limits when needed, that also works with multi-wan
- network silence during RouterOS update - restart without loosing the established WAN session - do not confuse provider equipment with packets, while restarting for RouterOS and firmware updates

I hope this will be easy to make and take care of.

Thank you.

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