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DHCP Issue After upgrade

Wed Jul 31, 2019 7:30 am

Hi All
I have a CRS125-24G-1S , each interface has static IP and has its own range of IP.
I attached a pic so that you understand better.
Each Interface is connected to a wireless link and the other side of the wireless link , DHCP server is running on bridge port ( and bridge has wlan and sfp port ) for the network connected to it.
Question 1 : Should ( or can ) an interface with static IP get IP from DHCP ?
The 2 Wirelesses running 6.45.1 with no problem.

The problem is :
When I upgrade CRS125 to 6.45.1 ( or some versions higher than 6.40.9 ) although I do not have dhcp client running on CRS , It shows an IP address lease with the name of CRS125 on Netmetal ( Other side of wireless link ) DHCP server lease, and starts connecting with that IP. When I downgrade to 6.40.9 every thing is OK again.
Question 2 : If there is a problem with my config , why other side of wireless link dose not get IP from DHCP ?
Question 3 : If there is a problem with my config , why every thing is OK with 6.40.9 and after that the problem comes up ?

Please Help me with that .
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