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How to report issues in v7 beta

Tue Sep 10, 2019 4:04 pm

This forum section is only for bugs introduced in RouterOS version 7. If you have experienced an issue or a bug in RouterOS version 6, please report it as usual via

First of all, make sure the issue is not already reported in this forum section. Secondly, make sure you can reproduce the issue more than once.

Note that bugs/vulnerabilities that are threat to other router's security must be reported directly through e-mail (or
Current state of GUI (WebFig and Winbox) are not completely up to date in RouterOS v7. Report only issues visible in console.

When reporting an issue, please follow this template:
  1. Version number (if the issue is upgrade related, specify which version was installed before as well);
  2. Router's model;
  3. Steps to reproduce the issue;
  4. Configuration export (use '/export hide-sensitive' command);
  5. Any additional information that would help troubleshoot the issue (screenshots, debug logs, etc.).

Enabling debug logs can help us troubleshoot the issue. Determine the logging topic of the issue and enable it under System Logging menu. Examples:
/system/logging/add topics=ipsec,!packet
/system/logging/add topics=dhcp,!packet
/system/logging/add topics=pppoe

This forum section will be strictly moderated, please post only properly described bug reports.
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