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Yes, it works: Wireguard link P2P with /128 mask at both ends.

Fri Sep 18, 2020 10:56 pm

Why would I do it, You ask. Well, turns out a lot of people like to do it this way. We could use a /127 and two addresses, from the same range. But sometimes We are peering with someone that don't like it, and want to use their IP at their point.

I was testing it as a solution to BGP peering at DN42. So, allowed-address is ",::/0" - I'll control it with firewall and BGP.
The Wireguard setup is the same as always. And, in /ipv6/route we put one pointing to <IPv6 peer address>/128 gateway=<wireguard interface>

Basic, I know. Yes, as it should be done, I know. No, nothing especial to see here, I know. So, why did I made a post about it?

Because it WORKS! We have been plagued with issues using links, remember? Official recommendation is "put a smaller mask, and go on". Not this time. HA!

I'm pleased to let it be registered that, on a CHR running 7.1beta2, it works. :D At least on CLI. Didn't test Winbox and the webfig interface is a mess at the routing part.

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