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simple queue/queue graph enhancements

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2021 11:03 am
by rplant
1. Perhaps a new counting queue type, that has no packet/frame storage,
immediately puts packets onto its parent.
To provide a low overhead facility to count traffic (average rates, total bytes up/down, etc)
Max Limit may need to be set, but has no effect.
Can be graphed.

2. Option to store simple queue graphs (interface graphs?) in external storage.
Ideally in a format that can be exported and analyzed.
(I have already asked for this elsewhere, but it fits well with this topic)

3. Option in Queue graphs, to setup and execute an aggregation task, which is stored with the queue
graph (Likely only in memory though)

eg. Calculate each queues average download rate between time T1 and time T2.
The calculation execution can take a while (eg. Minutes for many queues),
but once it is done you can view and sort by the aggregate values.