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Routing rules/tables minor issues, feature request

Sun Feb 21, 2021 11:23 am


Thanks for the Winbox (IP) route updates in Beta4.

In the IP Route Tab, now can show (and lets you set) the Routing Table being used,
And there is a Tables tab :)

Unfortunately, the Tables tab doesn't currently provide an item to set if table is in Fib or not.
Not quite sure what difference it causes actually, but I thus far always set it.
Also disabled= seems to have 3 states, disabled= (blank), disabled=no, disabled=yes

Rules Tab. (Feature Request)
I found a post suggesting that Wireguard via multiple gateways worked ok if you set up a Rule
based the route on the Source IP address. I tried this, and it does work, Cool.

So I thought, this could be quite great for Natted Computers behind a Mikrotik (which is doing the Nat).
The route chosen would use a rule using the Natted IP address. (ie. One of the Routers public IP addresses)
Would save a lot of mangle effort.
I would only have to get the first packet to go the way I wanted, and then the rest would follow.
Inbound DSTNat traffic would also just work. (Given a simple routing rule)

Unfortunately, the Rule Source IP address for Outbound packets is the internal PC's IP address.
(on reviewing the packet flow, this makes sense)
However the packet will have almost always have a connection associated with it
containing the Post SrcNat source IP address (which will be one of the routers IP addresses)

Would it be possible to have a check box in the Rules table on the Source IP address to choose this (Post SrcNat) IP address
instead of the default. Matching on this rule would fail (go to next rule) if not tracked, or not currently known (first packet).

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Re: Routing rules/tables minor issues, feature request

Tue Feb 23, 2021 7:36 am

ip routes/routes
Noticed you can no longer create a blackhole route in winbox.
Also no obvious column to indicate it is a black hole.

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