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boot/kernel CRC error

Fri Mar 18, 2011 10:40 pm

1. An excerpt from 5.0RC3
*) fixed problem - bad boot/kernel crc was reported on powerpc boards when in fact it was good;
... well, in RC11 the problem reappeared...
Just take any PowerPC based RB (600 or 333) and do a /system check-installation and you'll see what I mean...

2. An x86 computer with 5.0RC11 on it could not pass traffic on WDS bridge when connected to a RB600 with 4.17 (nv2 package enabled on the RB, and the link is configured like this --> RB600 mode=bridge, x86-PC mode=station-wds)... Tried it with both nstreme and nv2 too... Later upgraded the RB600 to 5.0RC11... but to no avail... The wireless link connects flawlessly but there is no traffic. A simple downgrade to 5.0RC10 solved this problem... After this I configured another x86 machine, replaced the RB600 and discovered, that the wireless links are unable to connect if one of the machines is on RC11 and the other's on RC10...

This RC11 has some serious issues with wireless :(

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