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Feature Request: PPPoE #of PPP LCP ConfReqs before PADT sent

Mon Mar 18, 2013 6:40 pm

I have a Motorola RFS4000 wireless controller that I am trying to configure as a PPPoE client with a Mikrotik as the PPPoE server.

Unfortunately, the Motorola is not responding to the first 3 PPP LCP ConfReqs from the Mikrotik, and the Mikrotik then sends a PADT to end the session.

This has been tracked down to the Motorola PPPoE process taking too long to spawn the PPP process. However, if there was a way to allow more lenience on the Mikrotik side, this could be resolved.

Any way to increase the time between the PADS and PADT from the Mikrotik would satisfy this request.

  1. Configurable number of LCP ConfReqs before PADT sent
  2. Configurable timer between PADS and first LCP ConfReq
  3. Configurable timer between each LCP ConfReq
Whichever of these would be easiest to implement would work.

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Re: Feature Request: PPPoE #of PPP LCP ConfReqs before PADT

Mon Mar 18, 2013 10:12 pm

Totally agree!

I wrote about a similar problem with Juniper MX80.

But my message was left unanswered.

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