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CCR1036-12GB-4spf problems in radiuse

Tue Nov 10, 2015 2:31 am

first sorry for my English
i was have mirotik v5.20 cracked x86 and it's working very good with database size 120 Mb and 450 active session
after that i bought CCR1036-12gb-4spf router board and tow CRS125-24G-1S switchs it's very expensive but it's not work good with a larg data base and a lot active user so i have many problems in this device ccr1036-12gb-4s like
1- i can't creat group users more than 300 users in the same time in x86 i creat 999 user in the same time
2- very slow when browsing user manger
3- radius not responding after boot and users can't log in for 3 minute
4- radius not responding when i make backup for database
5-when data-base size be larger than 30 mb radius not responding err in log so every day i remove used cards(user)
6- all the time raduise accounting stop request not sent not response err in log
and many problems so Can any one help me?
or back to x86 v5.20 ?
note: i dont have any problems with x86
Emad Alkadry
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Re: CCR1036-12GB-4spf problems in radiuse

Fri Nov 13, 2015 1:17 am

Well its better for you to change job, because you will find yourself in serious trouble, when one of your clients realise that his communication is being routed through china...loool!!!

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