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How to give 7 days credit (regardless of uptime)

Tue Nov 14, 2006 8:28 pm

It seems that if you give a user 7 days credit, and they only use it for an hour a day, usermanager will let them log in for months until 7 days worth of uptime is used, how do you make it expire after 7 days no matter how much uptime is used?
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Wed Nov 15, 2006 10:50 am

could you paste the the specific user configuration?
Are you using uptime limit also o just the credit time?

recommend you to read this section: ... iting#Time
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Fri Mar 02, 2007 9:42 pm

Hi all

I think what voip4life are trying to say is the following:

The UM uptime limit is based on "UPTIME" and not "DATE". It would be shweet if the user could be limited by means of date rather than uptime. In that case you would be able to give a client a week or month or 45 days access, and if the client only uses it twice or whatever, once the DATE expired, the account will be disabled.

I read a couple of posts, but couldn't find my answer for the following:

Would it be possible to reset a user's stats the last day of the month just after 23:59:59 so the new month starts with 0MiB or 0GiB, BUT still keep record of the previous month's stats?

Perhaps I should look into building a script to do that.

Re, G

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