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multiple ppoe servers (profiles) with usermanager

Tue Feb 13, 2007 4:48 pm


I have been using mikrotik for some years now and have done many installations in varied setups. I just started using usermanager and was really disappointed.

For one, there is this 10 user limit. It would have more sense to charge for the usermanager license itself than to restrict on the no of users.

Secondly, there is no clarity on how to use usermanager where multiple profiles are specified on the same server. We have many such scenarios here in India where the same server (physical computer) is used and multiple profiles are specified based on bandwidth allowable, data transfer limit etc.

How would the user manager differentiate between the users in this case? The IP address remains the same so multiple routers are not specified. I think it would be helpful if administrators could select the profile the user belongs to in the user properties page.

A speedy reply by the moderators/developers would be appreciated.

Amit Sharma
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Wed Feb 14, 2007 3:13 pm

1) As far as I know, active sessions for the User Manager are/will be changed on 3.0.

2) User Manager development is in progress, new features are added every version and interface is improved.
Currently you can specify multiple batch of users with the same rate-limit settings, if different groups of users with different settings required.
Users menu will be improved in the future.

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