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Vital Information Not in User Manager?

Wed Apr 15, 2020 12:10 pm

We have a private nwork with just over 100 routers. We had a single PPP server and we could see how much band which each router was pulling at any point in time. We recently switch to layer 3 using User Manager on a Mikrotik Switch. It appears we have lost the ability to see how much bandwidth each user is using at any point in time, looked everywhere in user manager it appears it doesnt even show this information? Also it doesn't sell you which Mikrotik switch each user authenticated with. I can see which users are connected and all the switches in user manager but it doesn't show you which one they conneced to.

Does User Manager not record these two pieces of information? If it does where do I find it in userman?

Really don't want to be trawling through many different Mikrotik switches every time just to find it. Its information we need to access very often, like if a user calls and says their broadband is going slow and they are on a 30Mb profile and are using 30/30 at that time we can tell them something on their network is using it all.

Thanks, Sam

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