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userman not showing actual user consomption

Tue May 12, 2020 9:19 pm

Hello everyone i have created a hotspot with radius server and userman, i have created a profile and assigned it to users and i have been monitoring their usage in the past 3 day and about 40Gb of data have been used on the network but in userman the total of all the users usage is about 900mb i did another test with my phone and download an app of 100mb but my sessions on userman showed that i used only 3mib of data. can anyone explain to me why it's behaving like that ? i need a solution asap if not my clients will be using all my data without me noticing who using which amount
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Re: userman not showing actual user consomption

Tue May 12, 2020 11:54 pm

In the the communication between a network-access-server (short: nas) aka "your mikrotik hotspot __and__ a radius-server aka "your user-manager" (maybe both functions on the same device), are two different communication-channels defined. One for authentication and one for accounting.
Obviously the authentication is working for you BUT accounting ... failed.
So you should search in your configuration for that accounting-part. It has to be enabled. (the pic is only an example ... inside your hotsspot config, you should be able to find a similiar item.
... ... something like "send interim update" ? ... enable that tickbox ! ... for further debug post an:
/export hide-sensitive
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