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Need Suggestion Regarding Single User Manager With Multiple MT

Fri Nov 06, 2020 6:57 pm

I need suggestion about implementing single usermanager with multiple router run hotspot.
My topology :
Everything is working, all router ( R2 & R3 ) controlled by R1 which is L5 MT and i can see active session from R2 & R3. But, there are several problem i can't solve.
1. I limited active time at 23:00, but several user still active on UM, the only way to remove them was disable interface and enable it again.
2. Sometime, disconnected people is still have session on UM and caused them unable to login again because multiple session. Tried several suggested solution, still have same result.
3. How much session is allowed for my setup? will it follow R1 (L5) because UM was installed on it or each router will have their own max session depending on their License?

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