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Hotspot Radius Server not responding

Fri Nov 13, 2020 7:37 am

Hello Mikrotik dudes and duddettes!

I am hoping that some Mikrotik Guru would glance upon this post and help this Mikrotik noob with his dilemma. Here is my current situation:

Configurations on the HAP AC Lite:
• Ether1 = DHCP Client
• Ether2 = (192.168.X.X/24) designated for the staff
• Wlan1 = AP Bridge, (10.10.X.X/24) separate network, meant for hotspot

o Ether2 has staff ip pool
o Wlan1 has hotspot ip pool

• NAT = srcnat out to Ether1
• Hotspot = I set this up okay and I know it works for an admin and a test profile/user

• Radius Server:
o IP is the same as WLAN1 (some say, other say same IP as WAN interface I do not know which is “right”.)
o Incoming is set to accept

The Dilemma
• If I make a user via RouterOS, it works! The hotspot login works and it shows the limits, uptime etc… all that beautiful jazz!
• If I make a user via the Radius server (/myWanInterface/userman), the login spits the message “RADIUS SERVER NOT RESPONDING”
• Reason I want to use the Radius server is it can add users as a batch! I would like to just allow 10-20 users to use the hotspot with their own login and passwords (authentication) etc…

P.S. This is my first time posting here on the Mikrotik Forums, as I feel so hopeless right now trying to configure this. It would mean the world to me if someone would just spend a few minutes helping me with this as I am just lost as to what I am doing wrong. All of the tutorials from youtube and mikrotik sites are not helping with this issue ☹
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Re: Hotspot Radius Server not responding

Sat Nov 14, 2020 10:52 pm

I admit I only tried for a short time to troubleshoot userman, but I ended up ditching it in favor of an external RADIUS server.
Synology for example comes with a RADIUS server package and I use it everywhere one is to be found for VPN auth and such.
An alternative is a small Raspberry PI3/4 with a RADIUS server. Fast and easy setup.

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