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Userman Test v4.11 level 6 & CALEA

Wed Oct 06, 2010 7:29 am

I have read the wiki but do not understand how to setup CALEA to perform intercept on a user from userman. In the wiki it describes how to setup an intercept on a wireless calea target client that has I assume a static ip address ex.) but usually users from Userman gets a DHCP address from an ip address pool so the ip address can change. Without the ability to track a user from userman via login any network using Mikrotik and DHCP is not CALEA compliant. For what if the LEA shows up with a request to intercept a user for three days? If the dhcp is set to say 8 hours and the user logs in from multiple machines there is noway to fullfill the LEA request as only partial information is gathered. Is there a way to setup CALEA to follow a userman hotspot login instead of a static ip address?

I did a search and only found two other posts with Userman and CALEA in the text both of which were useless.

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