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Questions about setup

Posted: Fri Nov 19, 2010 3:27 am
by lukef
Hey Guys, I have some questions in regards to the user manager and how you are using it. We currently look after a chain of caravan parks all owned by the same company. Currently each site has their own hotspot / user manager and the local parks maintain the users.
We are looking at using a central user manager so clients of the wireless network can use the same details if they visit other parks. My question is how would you maintain the user list. I was thinking create each park as a customer with access to the parent user list. The only issue would be is a massive user list that all parks can see / delete users and perhaps stuff up users from other parkss. I then thought about each park maintaing there own list but then you lose the roaming ability from what i understand. BTW this will be tested in user manager 4.
The other question is security. Do you run ipsec or something from each hotspot to the central radius server? Thanks in advance for any replies