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Transfer Limit on central radius

Tue Apr 24, 2012 10:20 am

Hey Guys,
I currently look after about 30 hotspots running user manager in different states with different time zones. We are now wanting to centralise the usermanager.
Currently on the 30 usermanagers we run a script at midnight which sets the users transfer limits, and resets their counters
:foreach i in=[/tool user-manager user find] do={/tool user-manager user reset-counters \$i;}"
The question i have is how can we do the same thing on a central user manager at midnight.
The only way i can think of is if each state is setup as its own customer and we filter for this in the script, the issue with this is the client would like all users to be able to connect to any of the networks at any state and authenticate.
Thanks for any help

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