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What is the philosophy behind?

Sun May 26, 2013 8:26 pm

I'm new (less thun a month) in RouterOS.

I managed to set up PCC load balancing, Hotspot and UM (v5.25) on a RB1100AH2.

The router will be used in an environment where we offer free internet access for everybody, but I would like to
have the ability to give some registered users extra priviledges, and also to have log data (sessions etc).

So I enabled trial user on Hotspot with standard priviledges for everybody, and I want to use UM for registering
and giving extra priviledges to anyone who want them (eg more bandwidth).

So this is how i want UM to behave:

1. I need a login page where users will be able to
....a)have immediate access using the Hotspot trial feature or
....b)users can register via /user/signup page, create their own account, provide their details (name phonenum etc) and
.......finally wait (suspended users) for the UM admin (that's me) acceptance in order to get the extra priviledges.
.......Until getting my acceptance they can use the trial account.

My 1st Question: Is this possible through UM or I'm just waisting my time?

I achieved to give to everybody access to the signup page (using Hotspot Walled Garden IP list) so anyone
can create his own account and then provide more user details using the /user page which comes next.

2nd Question: Is this the way UM is designed to work? Or the use of the /user/signup page is only for the UM admins?

3rd Question: Is it wise and secure to give everybody access via Walled Garden IP list?

4th Question: The UM user profiles. My plan is to make 2 profiles: One for suspended users (waiting admin's confirmation)
and a second for users already confirmed and accepted. Is this possible?

...I created the profiles, but when someone registers through /user/signup page, he has the option to choose anyone of the
2 profiles. This way he can override my confirmation and choose the profile that I designed for the accepted users instead
of getting the profile for suspended users. Is there any work around for this (to modify the page is an option I know)

This is how I would like things to work but can it be done? Is this the philosophy behind the User Manager?

Thanks in advance for your time
Andreas K.

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