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User Manager Bug (Session Time Left NOT SHOWN)

Tue Apr 29, 2014 6:22 am

I've got the problem, and I believe this is a bug of the User Manager latest version, why?

For Hotspot
If you set "Limit Uptime", ok in the "Status page" & in IP > Hotspot > Active > Session Time Left, it SHOWs the "Time Left" normally,

For User Manager
Even, for the profile you set the "Validity" to something ,, 30d for example,
in the "Status page" & in IP > Hotspot > Active > Session Time Left, it DOES NOT SHOWs the "Time Left" for BOTH location.

I know it's a bug and also Occured in Earlier version too, but it's already FIXED,
However, for the Latest version 6.12, this BUG COMEs BACK.

And yeah I've just noticed this bug for about a week and 1st I don't know it's a bug, I've thought that I've mis-configured some setting,
but after been trying for a week doing
1)Restore all backup which files that I believe still working NOT WORK

2)Restore the "User Manager" to the previous version which I believe it did work NOT WORK (this is because I keep only 1 earlier version, and as I stated before I don't know when it has happended as the renter just complain it, and I've already update the User Manager version maybe 3-5 versions already, But I only keep 1 version earlier only, so I cannot go back to much earlier version of User Manager.nbk) so again, it does NOT WORK

3)Reset ALL the config of the RouterOS itself including User Manager (But keep the latest version for all *.nbk paclage), NOT WORK again,

So I really Believe that this is a BUG of the latest "User Manager.nbk" version (6.12)

Please release the new version to fix this again please, I have been mad about this to find a fix for a week already.

Thank you so much
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Re: User Manager Bug (Session Time Left NOT SHOWN)

Sat Mar 30, 2019 6:19 pm

Same Problem is happening with me ..
is any solution ....

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