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Connecting 2nd MikroTik AP via ethernet cable

Fri May 14, 2021 1:21 pm

I currently have a hAP ac2 configured as a HomeAP dual, I need to connect another AP in a adjoining building and am looking for advise on how to configure it, so that it replicates all the setting from the main AP.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
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Re: Connecting 2nd MikroTik AP via ethernet cable

Fri May 14, 2021 2:40 pm

0) Read all instructions and undertsand how it works.

1) use winbox
2) understand how it work
3) have one pc with ethernet port

4) Update both ap at same version (I suggest 6.47.9)

5) on first ap do on terminal:
/export file=1stap
and save inside the pc the generated config file (drag&drop)

6) turn off 1st ap for safety...

7) power on the 2nd and connect to it (1st time by wireless? depend how is configured at the moment) on winbox USING MAC ADDRESS

8) If all works, go inside "files" and delete all that is deletable

9) Go to system / reset configuration and check "no default configuration" and "do not backup" and then "Reset Configuration"

10) when done open the 1stap.rsc with notepad or similar, copy all on clipboard

11) Open with winbox the 2nd ap, open terminal and select "paste" from the right click of the mouse

12) Now you have two identical AP with same parameters

13) Go to IP \ address and change the IP with another free IP (usually the next), if there are not any IP, probably DHCP client is used.

14) Go to system / identity and change the name

15) go to on wireless, wlan1, on Wireless section click on "advanced mode" button and change radio-name (not wlan1 interface name)

16) Go on wlan2 and do the same

17) At this point power on old ap, go to other side of ethernet and connect the new ap, it have same parameters.
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Re: Connecting 2nd MikroTik AP via ethernet cable

Sat May 15, 2021 5:28 pm

IMHO Home-AP Dual mode is actually a mode, suitable for a WLAN-Router, so firewall und internal LAN DHCP-Server is enabed.
I would not advise to copy that config to the new AP, hence.

Using the quick-set for Home-AP Dual on the new AP, but then disable firewall & DHCP-Server, enable bridge on all Interface, etcpp - then manually configure SSIDs/Security/Pwds for both radios is more advisable, I think.
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Re: Connecting 2nd MikroTik AP via ethernet cable

Sun May 16, 2021 12:14 pm

Fairly easy if you understand how it works. (You may lose connection while doing it. Winbox MAC access to the rescue)

On 2nd AP add ALL ethernet ports (and WLAN) to the bridge. (There is no WAN function needed in the 2nd AP.)
On the 2nd AP add or move a DHCP client on the bridge, and remove the DHCP server from the 2nd AP.
Connect the 2nd AP with an ethernet (they are all LAN due to step 1) port to a LAN port of the 1st AP.
Configure the WLAN in the 2 nd AP as you do for the 1st AP.

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