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Forward P2P Traffic through VPN Connection?

Wed Nov 04, 2015 10:58 pm

Hi Guys,

i have a question, i try to forward the p2p (torrent) traffic through the l2tp connection on my mikrotik.

It is no problem to set an Source Adress List and forward the complete traffic throught the VPN.
Rule looks:
chain=prerouting action=mark-routing new-routing-mark=vpn-mark passthrough=yes
src-address-list=vpn-ips dst-address-list=!internal log=no log-prefix=""

Tried the following rule now:
chain=prerouting action=mark-routing new-routing-mark=vpn-mark passthrough=yes p2p=all-p2p log=no

But this is working only really bad because i get nearly no connection to peers or its wouldnt get trough the vpn connection.
I also tried a rule based on the udp and tcp port of the torrent client but its the same.

I am still learning this things and i have no idea if this is possible to manage in network basics^^

Thanks and best regards
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Re: Forward P2P Traffic through VPN Connection?

Sat Aug 06, 2016 11:02 am

I'm interested in the same actually; I'd like to route all torrent/p2p traffic over VPN but leave the rest alone, but I'm unable to correctly detect the traffic.
Sure, directing everything over VPN and make exclusions for what you don't want to VPN would work, but that's a lot of work and requires quite some maintenance over time (new application / new configuration). As this will be put at a remote site, I'd like it to be a specific config for p2p traffic.

Layer 7 rules seem to also target simple google queries with torrent in its name,
'all-p2p' or any of the other p2p types doesn't seem to trigger it correctly,
using the torrent clients ports also doesn't seem to trigger it correctly.

I've been thinking about using the TOS-byte, as the torrent downloader (deluge) is able to change / set that. But i'm not sure how I could identify that in routeros...

Other tips are welcome!

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