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Best model of router for job?

Thu Nov 26, 2015 5:40 pm

Hey all,

I'm currently trying to decide on what router to use for a small office. There are about 15-20 computers and it needs to support (20mbit max) IPSec VPN over the internet to a Draytek router.

I've had a look at the 750s 951s and the Hex, and from looking at the specs, they all seem pretty much the same apart from CPU speed. Gigabit is wanted, and wireless is potentially, but they all seem to come with or without those things anyway. Which is best from a reliability point of view, I remember having a 951 at one point (a few years ago) and I had some troubles with it doing funny things, particularly the wireless.

Why should I get a 750/951 over a hex or visa-versa? Cost isn't an issue because they all seem to be around the same price.

750mhz QCA9556
600mhz AR9344 ??

I know you can't really compare different processors easily just based on clock speed.

Any pointers and nudges in the right direction would be helpful :)


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Re: Best model of router for job?

Thu Nov 26, 2015 8:00 pm

i think the hEX its the better performing "small" router it cost just 60US

hEX has better performance than any rb751, rb951 or rb2011, and its gigabit.

i think its the better mikrotik to buy before the jump to the newer rb3011 it has at least 2.5 X the hEX performance but costs 3.0 X the hEX

i think one advantage of hEX is not having wireless it offload this task leaving more cpu for pure routing nat vpn and other functions.

for wireless you can go with one or more additional cheap hAP lite if you dont need too much wifi coverage, if you need good coverage go for one or more rb951Ui or wait for the hAP AC to get dual band and ac performance

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