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Problems with Mikrotik VPN Client features

Wed Feb 24, 2016 10:37 am

Hey guys,

i am a little bit dissapointed about the lacking vpn client features of the router (rb2011) or did i configure something wrong?
I wanna use a vpn service (pia) with the mikrotik but openvpn is not working because the mikrotik does not support lzo compression or udp.

I also tried to setup a metarouter with openwrt to get openvpn running, but i cant find a documentation about the config and nobody in the forum could help me last time (got no answer)
I have no idea where to start with the config of the openwrt metarouter image

I tried l2tp with ipsec but also was not working, after i wrote the pia support they are telling me that i cant use l2tp with ipsec because the ipsec and ikev2 configuration has to go in one configuration and cannot be separeted.
They said its not possible in mikrotik, do you have any idea this is possible?

At last i can only use now pptp which helps me nothing in a security aspect.

Maybe anybody can help me.

Best regards
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Sun Feb 28, 2016 11:56 am

How about SSTP with certificate? That works great for me. And is easy to setup from any windows OS.
It works over 443 port so it will work on basically all networks since even the most restrictive networks must allow https traffic for internet to work properly.

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