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Is MikroTik SXT lite 5 compatible with D-link router or switch ?

Wed Mar 16, 2016 12:29 pm

To whom it may Concern,

We are the ISP team of Elecon Information Technology, Anand, Gujarat., providing internet facility to the home users as well as commercial users.

We do wireless setup for new connection with 'MikroTik SXT lite5'device as a main device and provide connectivity via either cable to the customer's router.

Our basic configuration on MikroTik SXT, are

* Applying firewall NAT policy.
* Applying Routing gateway Policy.
* Creating DHCP Pool table (Include our DNS)

Customer's router Configuration,
*simple turning off the DHCP and that's it.

Customer's switch (Plug & Play)
* No configuration require.

Basically, the same activity we do follow everywhere and logically, we are successfully able to provide connectivity. But D-link routers and switches behave usual as compare to any other router.
Also, Digisol router also behave the same.

In majority cases, D-link switch was not responding or need manual reboot after couple of days and same thing happening to the D-link router. While replacing the D-link router or switch with other company product and it do function properly. Our technical team tried many alternate configuration too on D-link router but at the end of the day they facing same problem.

Unfortunately, we recommend our new customer to not to buy D-link product as they are not compatible with our MikroTik devices.

We know your global response and your products demand and due to that reason, we want to continue our setup with D-link and Digisol products and for that we need your technical support.

Please do communicate with our technical team and provide us support ASAP.

Many thanks
Our technical team
Elecon Information Technology.

Nilesh Prajapti: +919825071429
Narshi Dangar: +919825020546
Nirpal Singh : +919825061570
Pruthvish Patel: +919825137623
Parag Patel : +919099930987
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MikroTik Support
MikroTik Support
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Re: Is MikroTik SXT lite 5 compatible with D-link router or switch ?

Wed Mar 16, 2016 12:35 pm

Of course they are compatible. From your post, I don't really understand what is not working.
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Wed Mar 16, 2016 12:50 pm

Looks like their dlinks hang time to time. Maybe it would be better to ask the dlink support why their devices stop to respond. I guess.
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Re: Is MikroTik SXT lite 5 compatible with D-link router or switch ?

Wed Mar 16, 2016 2:48 pm

Please post configuration of the SXT and the router. I have a dlink switch in my office with one SXT connected to another SXT with no problems.
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