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SHARE .. marking traffic download and upload based traffic flow routeros v6

Thu Apr 21, 2016 6:09 am

hi guys .. nice to meet you.

i want share to you configure mikrotik for separate traffic download upload based on traffic flow routeros v6. in below i will explained with simple topology network but the rules is complex. you can develop their own .. this is it



/ip firewall mangle add chain=prerouting in-interfaces=eth1 action=mark-connection src-address= new-connection-mark=conn-pc1 comment="connection pc 1"
/ip firewall mangle add chain prerouting in-interfaces=eth1 action=mark-packet new-packet-mark=pkt-upload-pc1 connection-mark=conn-pc1
/ip firewall mangle add chain prerouting in-interfaces=eth0 action=mark-packet new-packet-mark=pkt-download-pc1 connection-mark=conn-pc1

*note. in script below for user with ip . if u want to another ip u can change it.

now for limit with queue tree u can see in my blog ... rotik.html

sorry in indonesian language. u just focus in script ..


keep shared :lol:

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