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Bug: Printing forum messages gets grey background

Tue May 03, 2016 2:48 pm

Whenever I try to print pages on the forum, I get a grey background, see the below example:


The cause is that ... -slate.css overwrites the print media settings in ... version=33

This is the part that overwrites it:
/* primary-color-darkest */
html, #page-footer, #simple-wrap .copyright, .carousel .item {
  background-color: #373d4e; }
Please have that fixed:

1. In ... version=33 force a background colour for html
2. Ensure that ... version=33 gets higher priority than the theming.

Alternatively (since the html colours seem to be overwritten everywhere in the non-print CSS):

- yank the `background-color: #373d4e;` from the themes.


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