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Trouble with basic setup

Sat Jun 04, 2016 11:59 am


I'm new to mikrotik products and I've found the initial setup for what I would have imagined a common/basic setup to be very difficult, and at times even 'buggy' in terms of how the HW/SW responded. If anyone here has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

The ultimate goal is pretty simple - I have an internet connection I want to distribute to 2 end-points. The HW setup is:

Internet connection (via modem/Router) <-> SXT SA5 ac <-> 2x SXT lite5 ac <-> end-point router/computer.

Before I go putting the HW outside I wanted to test it / set it up to do this I had the following high-level plan:

1) Configure the SA5 to be an AP (ap-bridge with bridge between wlan, eth0)
This gets an IP from the internet modem/router. Is a DHCP server for the CPEs
2) Configure the lite5 to be a CPE (station, with bridge between wlan, eth0)
This gets and IP from the SA5.

While trying to set ths up, I found a few items that were pretty strange (perhaps bugs?)

1) Before starting I set my laptops lan port to be a static ip in the same range as the default IP of the devices - I set it to Is this required?

1) Setting up the SA5 - connected the device directly to a laptop and logged in via the default IP with winbox
- Used the quick-settings to set it up as HomeAP, and filled in the boxes to be a fixed IP and be a DHCP server.
- immediately lost connection via winbox
- when searching for devices to connect to the MAC shows but the ip is and not the fixed number
- why would the ip be if I had set it as static?
- the quick-settings seem to NOT assign an IP to the bridge - is this a bug?

2) Connecting via MAC address did not always work (often received a timeout error). Had to reset to factory settings.
- Could not get quick settings to work - the only way to get the AP setup was by using a youtube tutorial on setting up an AP

3) Setting up the lite5
- The quick settings page shows detected SSIDs - but did not show my AP (even though all other wireless devices I have show it!). It appears it only shows 2GHz band SSIDs here - is this a bug?
- This means quick settings cannot be used to connect to 5GHz band devices, even though lite5 is intended for 5Ghz

I was able to manually setup the lite 5 to connect to the SA5, and I could ping from the lite5 console.
My laptop was connected directly to the lite5 - however try as I might, I could not get the lite5 to provide/pass the internet connecton to the laptop

So the main questions
1) Are the items I mention above 'bugs' with the quick settings?
2) What would be the recommended way for setting up a simple AP and CPE - any links to tutorials would be great.
3) In terms of IP assignment - what is the recommended way to do this.:

Internet/router: DHCP server, ip range
SA5: eth0 = dhcp client, wlan0 = DHCP server ?, bridge0 = ?
Lite5: eth0 = dhcp server ?, wlan0 = DHCP client?, bridge0 = ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Trouble with basic setup

Mon Jun 06, 2016 7:40 pm

The OP was a while being approved, so dropped down the list. Can anyone offer advice / an example configuration?
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Re: Trouble with basic setup

Mon Jun 06, 2016 8:21 pm

Set bridge on Wireles AP. Set station bridge on SM. Put ether1 and wlan1 in bridge on both.
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